The 14 Best Mild, Value Cigars For Beginners In 2020 (Top List) Can Be Fun For Anyone

Published Nov 13, 20
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This is the cigar that 99% of retailers and aficionados will recommend you. And there is a very solid reason for that: it is hands down the best beginner cigar in the universe. Of course, all this bravado is an exaggeration on our side, but it serves the purpose of focusing you on what’s really a very good cigar to start your journey.

The Hoyo de Monterrey is one of the most sold cigars in the world today and it is been like that for some decades, due to its popular blend of premium Cuban tobacco. Every experienced cigar aficionado has (at least) one Epicure No 2 in the humidor somewhere, because whenever you feel indecisive about what to smoke, you will always feel inclined to pick an Epicure No 2 to save your day.

This cigar comes in a Robusto size — 5. 88"x50 — with a light body but packed with flavor and sophistication. It also has a solid consistency from box to box (which is a rare thing when it comes to Cuban cigars). The gentle flavors of cocoa, cinnamon, and vanilla are just to die for and its smoke has a creamy complex texture from the moment you light it up..

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While choices are always a good thing, it can be overwhelming to find the right cigar to light up for your inaugural puff. We’re here to take you under our wing. Check out this list of some of the best beginner cigars to get you started! Romeo y Julieta House of Capulet features a Honduran and Nicaraguan core under an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper to provide notes of sweet cream, leather, and caramel, making it a great entry point for anyone new to premium cigars.

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Its easygoing profile and smoothness makes it easy for new smokers to get on board. For many, Acid is the springboard into the cigar world. Their creator, Jonathan Drew is anything but orthodox. His unique approach to flavored cigars was crticially acclaimed, and today, it's the most recognizable infused brand on the planet.

Beginniers love this because with its flavors of nuts, earth, and sweet spices, you get all of Rocky's benefits at a fraction of the regular price. Perdomo Champagne is loved by newbies and grizzled veterans alike. With an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper and an all-Nicaraguan frame, these cigars deliver delicious notes of almond, coffee, oak, and almonds in its silky, smooth smoke.

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Its tobacco blend is like no other, placing it in a world all of its own, meaning that it has to be smoked to be understood. Exceedingly mellow and smooth, Macanudo Cafe is America's most popular premium cigar. Almost a requirement for a new smoker's initiation, Macanudo's famed appeal comes from an easy draw and a delicious Connecticut shade wrapper.

Its Ecuador Connecticut Shade wrapper and all-Nicaraguan core makes for creamy, toasty smoothness all around. One of the best bangs for your buck, Gispert makes it easy to get started. Naturally sweet, affordable, and flavorful, these mellow-to-medium bodied cigars are noted for a toasty character thanks to the choice tobaccos found inside.

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With a penchant for affordability and a keen eye for quality, these Dominican handmades are great for veterans and beginners alike as they're painstakingly crafted to appeal to nearly everyone.

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There have been many discussions and there will always be dialogue around what are the Best Cuban Cigars for beginners. Some people believe that the smaller formats are better, such as petit coronas and others suggest the lighter bodied ones like Hoyo de Monterrey Cuban Cigars. Here at EGM Cigars, we can recall how our journey to cigar aficionado began and we’re almost quite envious of those that are yet to start theirs.

Choosing cigars can be daunting and difficult, but it’s also exciting and exhilarating, and we’re here to help make that decision a little easier for you and a hell of a lot more enjoyable. As a cigar aficionado you will realise that selecting a cigar is part of the experience too and a lot of time and thought goes into the cigar you decide to buy.

Without further adieu, we present to you, our top five cigars for cigar beginners which are all available to buy through our website (perfect, huh?). Montecristo competes with Cohiba as perhaps the world's best-known brand and is a reference point for all Cuban cigar smokers. The medium to full flavoured profile of this vitola from is catered to the more experienced smoker but we think it’s a very accessible cigar for the beginners too, and an excellent choice if you’d like to familiarise yourself with the top brands without feeling overwhelmed by more intense cigars.

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One of the brand’s more affordable cigars, it will provide you with typical Romeo y Julieta flavours, such as cedar and floral notes, without the powerful kick of others in its remarkable portfolio. Just as the Romeo y Julieta are famously associated with Winston Churchill, the H. Upmann brand is connected to another major politician - president John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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Upmann Petite Coronas, his favourite cigar at the time. The Petit Coronas by H. Upmann Cigar is very similar to the one preferred by Kennedy, but we don’t think it’s a suitable cigar yet, however a little later down the line we think you’ll love it as much as U (alzheimer's disease).S President did.

It’s also got a thicker ring gauge than the previous two, perfect if you think you’d prefer a thick size. A real regular in lists similar to this one, the Petit Robusto by Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars is light and mild but delivers such plush and delicious flavours, making it perfect for every beginner of all palates.

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We just couldn’t exclude a Cohiba Cigar from our list. One of/possibly the most renowned and successful Cigar brands to come out of Cuba, Cohiba Cuban Cigars are celebrated for their memorable, flavoursome and distinctive portfolio (depression). The one that we think would make a great cigar for beginners is the Cohiba Siglo I.

All of the cigars above are available on our website, ideal if you’re looking to purchase your first box of Cuban Cigars. If you want some more advice or are looking for additional information please email us via , or contact us on our Instagram or Facebook, we’d love to hear from you.

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When it comes to the best Cigar for beginners, we need to take accountability for specific information. That is the Budget and the Flavor profile. What are the best budget cigars in the market right now? What are the best budget cigars for beginners? Budged is kind, so it is quality.

You don't want to smoke a low-quality cigar to save a buck. There is a list of 7 Of The Best Cigars For Beginners that we recommend. Each Package Include one of each cigar. Cuenca Cigars opinion. Cuenca Perfect Cutter is also included in the package. $19. 95 FREE Boveda Humidity Packs included.